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We are A-League Analysis – a site dedicated to giving Australian soccer the platform and coverage it deserves whilst giving it even more than anybody else can possibly imagine!

Have you been fed up with the lack of articles that have been published about the league from down under?

Well, you can relax now as we look to bring you the very best in everything A-League and help to give you a better understanding of how the game is played in the Australian nation!

A-League Analysis looks to offer you all the latest news and views emanating from Australia whilst adding our own spin to those pieces, with the use of statistical data and facts to help make the article something different and help provide a thought-provoking discussion.

We also look to provide you with opinionated pieces that provide you with an interesting debate and something that takes a look at the game being played in Australia a little differently to those traditional news outlets and newspapers.

That is not all, though! As per the ‘Analysis‘ part in our name, we also take a closer look at the tactical aspects of each side in the division and create highly-detailed articles to try and help provide you with a potentially new viewpoint when watching the game.

We will provide match analysis reports to show what could well be expected between two sides prior to taking to the field, giving you something to look out for during the subsequent 90 minutes that are to follow. These are not necessarily limited to the A-League, though, with the AFC Champions League also being covered by our contributors!

As such, we also offer a detailed analysis following the conclusion of games as well to highlight what each side did during a particular fixture and look to help improve your understanding of the niche by breaking down certain moments of the game and using data and imagery to help further your knowledge.

We hope that you find our site useful and educational and look forward to continuing to provide you with everything A-League related moving forward!

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