The champions league title, the medals, the accolades, and the tournament’s prime jewel, the trophy, are very coveted. Over the years, the most successful football clubs in Europe have boasted of being crowned the continental kings decorating their offices with the trophy. The final tournament is usually a face-off between the two best teams from the semifinals. Winning requires discipline and consistency from the teams and the ability to put on a good show despite the pressure from their clubs and fans worldwide. Thanks to, I have compiled a list of clubs and their winning history since the cup’s inception in 1955.

Real Madrid is the undisputed giant in winning the UEFA champions league. They have won a record of 14 victories since 1955. They won five consecutive titles in 1955, but Benfica ended their winning streak in 1960. Recently, they won their 14th UCL cup against Liverpool with a solitary goal by Vinicius Jr, the man of the hour. On Saturday, the battle took place at the Stade de France stadium in Paris. The sole goal was welcomed by ululations and excited chanting from the jam-packed crowd. Real Madrid fans could not contain their excitement for the Spanish team when they scored in the 59th minute, just a few minutes after the first half. Thibaut Courtois received a standing ovation from the packed stadium with a record 57 saves during their clash against Liverpool.

There have been several periods of success for Italian teams, such as AC Milan, which ranks second in place with 7 UCL titles. Italian Inter has lifted the cup while there has been a victory for Ajax and Feyenoord from the Netherlands. However, despite seven wins, AC Milan has not recorded any UCL titles since 2007.

Bayern Munich has claimed six victories tying with Liverpool. Both teams gained prominence during the 1970s when Nottingham Forest also claimed two champions league titles. Barcelona cuts in a close third with five wins, followed closely by Ajax.

Number of UCL cups won by each European football club since 1955.

  • Real Madrid 14
  • AC Milan 7
  • Liverpool 6
  • Bayern Munich 6
  • Barcelona 5
  • Ajax FC 4
  • Inter 3
  • Manchester United 3
  • Juventus 2
  • Chelsea 2
  • Benfica 2
  • Porto 2
  • Nottingham Forest 2
  • Aston villa 1
  • Red Star Belgrade 1
  • PSV Eindhoven 1
  • Feyenoord 1
  • Borrusia Dortmund 1
  • Marseille 1
  • Celtic 1
  • Steaua Bucharest 1
  • Hamburg 1