Australia is one of the most popular preseason destinations for Europe’s top clubs. Every year, teams from England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, and other top European clubs often pitch their tent in Australia as they prepare for the new season. This is because of the peculiarities of Australia and the many benefits this country offers these top clubs and their players.

Preseason preparations are vital to football clubs. They are perfect opportunities for these clubs to try out different tactics, bring in new players, and prepare for the new season. These opportunities can be likened to finding popular casino free bet offers. The average European football season runs from August to May. The games come fast and hard, leaving clubs with no space to make necessary changes and improvements to their squad.

That is why Europe’s top clubs do not joke with their preseason preparations. They always arrange the best training conditions to get their players fit before the league season officially commences.

For the current preseason window, clubs such as Manchester United, Aston Villa, Crystal Palace, and Barcelona have embarked on preseason tours to Australia. In past seasons, PSG, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Bayern Munich, etc., have also begun their season preparations in Australia.

What Are the Benefits Europe’s Top Clubs Get from Their Preseason Tours to Australia?

  • Weather

Most European clubs’ preseason does not commence until June and runs until the end of July. During this period, Europe will be in the peak summer season, with torrential rains and heat waves being the prevailing climate conditions. Whereas Australia’s winter months usually run from May to August, the temperature is perfect for players to train and regain full fitness at optimal conditions.

  • Facilities

Australia’s sports infrastructure is one of the best in the world. The excellent facilities in Australia are great for conditioning players and training purposes. Europe’s top clubs pay close attention to the quality of facilities. That is why Australia is a top destination for them every summer.

  • Marketing

Most top European clubs have Australian fans who usually have to contend with staying up at odd hours to see their games. Preseason tours in Australia use these top clubs’ opportunities to connect with their Australian fans. The fans get to see their favorite players live. This helps to spread more publicity and revenue for the clubs.

  • Training

There is little time between the holidays and the demands of the new league season. Many players accumulate a lot of fatigue on their holidays. Preseason training in new environments like Australia helps players to gradually wean off the holiday habits for strict training regimens that will get them fully ready when the season starts.


Australia’s reputation as a top preseason destination has grown significantly over the years. This is due to the incredible successes recorded by European clubs on their Australian tours.

Australia is also fortunate to derive many benefits from their visits every year. As the relationship grows, these benefits will become visible to Australian fans and Australian football.