Learn how to bet on New Zealander Soccer Matches

Soccer is still developing in New Zealand, but any football match is worth a bet if you can spot value. Let’s learn how to place a bet with a trustworthy bookie in NZ.

Soccer Betting Odds: New Zealand National League

The most popular odds system used for soccer betting in New Zealand is the 1×2. It is in fact very popular in Europe and in other parts of the world where soccer is popular like Brazil and Africa.

In this system, the bettors try to guess what team will win the game or whether there will be a match draw.

Let’s have a look at some real-life examples of currently available match odds.

Melville – Cashmere Technical

Odds for the victory of Melville: 3.51
Match draw average odds right now: 4.30
Cashmere Technical – odds for their victory: 1.75

If a bettor decides to place a wager of NZ$ 100, the potential betting prizes would be as follows:

Victory of Melville: 3.51 * NZ$ 100 = NZ$ 351
Match draw: 4.30 * NZ$ 100 = NZ$ 430
Cashmere Technical’s victory 1.75* NZ$ 100 = NZ$ 175

More than just betting prizes: betting bonuses

But what if you could win more than just by guessing correctly the match result of a soccer bet of the New Zealand National League?

The competition between NZ operators is big these days. The users can change their preferences and start betting with other companies very easily, all they have to do is register a new account, at a site that is always just one click away.

To incentivise the curiosity of the bettors to test their services, the bookies offer free funds to bet. These promotions are called betting bonuses, and you can earn a lot of money if you use them correctly.

But how to make the most of betting bonuses? Well, you should indeed test different bookies using multiple betting accounts, but you should prioritise the ones with better customer service and the best betting bonus offers.

Thankfully, there are great professionals that review the bookies for you so you can make an informed, but almost effortless decision.

www.bettingsites.net.nz is a great example of a site that does a great job for you – entirely for free.

Soccer betting and sports betting odds

After you learn how to bet on soccer and test your knowledge in practice, you can bet on other popular sports such as rugby, basketball, tennis, formula one, and any other sport that you like. In fact, the betting markets are an amusing and potentially profitable reason to discover new sports.

Count on us to learn more about sports betting with our exclusive guides and curated indications of partners to help you with your betting performance!