Socceroo Adam Taggart might be going to kick off a new year in South Korea but his thoughts are by his fellow professionals in Australia.

Socceroo striker Adam Taggart could be buzzing before the beginning of the K-League year but he is very much sense for his fellow professionals in Australia.

“it is a bit disappointing to observe how what has been dealt with in regard to the players and things like this,” Taggart told AAP.

“Seems like they have gone through a small challenging period but I am certain they will find that sorted soon.

“For me, obviously I am buzzing to return into it at precisely the exact same moment I feel for each of the other leagues which everybody else’s personal circumstance is experiencing a little bit of a tough time right now.”

Taggart was the K-League’s best scorer in his first time with Suwon this past year, notching 20 goals.

He hit the goal at a 1-0 pre-season favorable triumph over Seoul E-Land over the weekend as preparations get underway for its new effort, which has been decreased to 27 matches per group from 38 later coronavirus postponed the year’s start.

Despite 242 individuals dying from the virus, Taggart showed tackling life in South Korea throughout the catastrophe had not been as hard as many would assume.

“It was clearly the 2nd greatest number of instances aside from China (at the first phases ), therefore it was somewhat frightening at the beginning but without locking down everything and keeping everybody at home they have managed to drop down the numbers amazingly,” he explained.

“Life’s not been too challenging, we have managed to continue training the entire time. The one thing they blocked was friendly matches and things like this.”

Taggart’s powerful form in Korea made him a place back in the national group setup after five decades, going on to score in World Cup qualifiers from Taiwan and Jordan.

The 26-year-old’s next goal is to continue to keep his form likely to make sure he is on Graham Arnold’s teamsheet next time that the Socceroos can play with.

It turned out to be a long-term target,” he explained.

“This was one reason I came to Korea too.

“I feel a wonderful beginning to this season and to attempt to continue my form from this past year will surely help me because it is among the main matters for me in relation to playing soccer.”